A Tour of Good ol' Yurt 14

Outside, with all the windows closed -- because it was freakin' cold.

My workspace, where I was planted for many, many hours every day.

The kitchen, featuring all the comforts of home, except water and a sink.

The "bedroom," with bunk beds on the left, a full-sized platform on the right,
with another bunk above it.  I didn't sleep there.

I have a feeling the top of the thing is the key to it all.  Check out those high tension
wires.  You can crank the handle to the left, and lift the fiberglass top a few inches,
for ventilation.  The hole has a screen over it, so your yurt doesn't fill with bats.

My back yard -- sorta.  It was actually a short walk to this scene, but it's more
dramatic to say it was my back yard...