Limited Edition long sleeve t-shirts pre-ordering now!
OK OK Sheesh!

I swore I wasn't going to do this, but the requests keep a-comin'.  So, I'm going to ATTEMPT to make a long-sleeve version of this kick-ass t-shirt available.

I say attempt because the minimum order is 24, and I'm not completely confident we'll reach that number -- coming so close to the (SOLD OUT!) short-sleeve edition, and all.  But I'm going to open up pre-orders for one week, and see how it goes.

This form will be closed at noon(ish) on Friday, February 20.  If we have orders for a total of 24 or more, across all sizes, I'll place the order.  If not, I'll refund everybody's money thru PayPal.  How's that sound?

I really hope we can pull it off.  They'd not only look great, and would apparently make some of you very happy, but it would also be the most limited of limited edition Surf Report shirts to date.  And being an old baseball card freak, the word RARE gets me all worked-up and creepy.

 I'll start the ball rolling by committing to one shirt myself, so we're already getting closer to the goal...  A fantastic start!  To let you know where we stand, I'll periodically update the order quantity here:  

Thank you!

The incredible design is compliments of The Evil Twin, who is not only a talented artist, but also served as my musical mentor during a previous lifetime. We have officially come full-circle!

They'll be military green, as represented above (more or less), and will be the high quality, good value you've come to expect. Once again, the T-Shirt Lady will be manning the presses, so shop with confidence!

The price? Just twenty-two dollars each, for "regular" sizes, and two dollars extra for those of us requiring a full bolt of fabric. Shipping and handling is included.

If you want one, now's the time.

Orders are now closed.

The West Virginia Surf Report!