A True Story


by Eugene

My cousin and I were driving around in my battle-scarred '73 Gran Torino looking for something to do at 2 am. We decided it would be fun to knock down shit at a road construction site. We were young and stupid, although we never outgrew one of those......

I would use the front end of my Torino to knock over those sandbag filled cones. I hit one of those orange, diamond shaped signs just as Dan was opening his car door. We weren't going very fast but, the damn sign flew up and nearly decapitated him. He just about threw himself into the backseat in the name of self preservation.

We gathered up some small orange cones. Those rubber ones. We took them to a side street where few people lived. We arranged them as if the street was getting narrow. We had them going into a point. Sample: ::::::>. Spread over a small distance so the unsuspecting sucker didn't realize they were coming to a dead end.

We don't know if it ever got anyone. On the way back, I stopped and threw one those saw horses with the flashing light into the large and roomy trunk.

For lack of a better place, I put it in the back yard. Early in the next morning, I was rudely awakened and told I must return it.

I took it to Jonathan's house where our band practiced. I thought it added a nice touch to the practice room over the garage. His parents thought otherwise.

I took it and left it in a large field by itself. I thought I was making some kind of "art" statement.

It was there for 2 days and then it disappeared.