Straight from the holler.


  by Buck

March 15, 2011

I just read Jeff's update in which he pointed out Nancy being even more "Nancified" than usual. I left a post in the comments section, but even after that, I wasn't satisfied I'd let all of my venom spew forward. 

I have a lot of pent up rage over that kind of bullshit. I guess it's because when I was raised up, everybody was responsible for their own actions. If Nancy were my neighbor, I'm sure I'd have to lay down some specific guidelines just for her family. Typically these are simply understood in our neighborhood here in West Virginia--but to dipships like this collection of Mensa volunteers--a list may be in order. Here is my edict that would probably have to be nailed to their front door. Keep in mind--this would ONLY be issued if she strayed over and started her judgmental rants toward me and my family.

  I get my ass up early and go to work EVERY day (like Jeff said, I'm from West Virginia.)  I'm proud of that and suspicious of anybody who doesn't do it.

  I fully understand this is a world with its fair share of assholes and weirdos.  There's no law against such things, so as long as you don't try to spread your particular brand of joy to me and my family---be who you want to be.

  Animals were put here to serve us....and if that means some have to die to keep my family be it, and I'm willing to kill them to achieve that goal.

  Mind your own God Damned business in ALL matters. Judgmental, in my face speech could result in a busted mouth.

   My money is mine because I earned it. Sometimes, I choose to allow others to have some of it if I judge the cause to be worthwhile. But that's MY decision to make--not yours.

  I really don't care if a neighbor is an Asian American, an African American, a native American, or in your case an Unwilling American...or whatever. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need to associate them with any particular subgroup when we have discussions about our neighbors.

  If I want to drive a heavy duty pickup truck, I'll damn well do it.  I don't complain about that piece of shit vegetable oil burner you drive, so get off my ass.

  Global warming is a fucking myth and Al Gore is a lying asshole.  Get over yourself.

  If you come over here on my property uninvited and with ill intent. I will shoot your ass.

  I have a loaded gun in every room in my home.  Not because I live in fear--but because I know there are idiots like you out there willing to give understanding and comfort to thugs and criminals. 

11.  You fly your U-N Flag, Canadian Flag or whatever. I'll fly my American flag....if you have a comment about it...I'd refer you back to #4.

  If we want to have a cookout/barbecue on my back deck, you and your family are certainly welcome--but leave your judgments at home. If you bring them over--remember #4.

  The toys my kids have are given to them by me because they earned them.  They are not for your kids amusement or destruction.  Please respect their property. If you do not, I cannot be responsible for how my kids settle the debt over a broken toy.

  We have completely opposite political views. You will never change my mind--and I have no interest in changing yours -- therefore we shall both refrain from any political discussion.

  Coal is the cheap way to heat my home and if I have a coal pile and a coal furnace… it's my decision, not yours. 

Okay, I think I’m finally calmed down. However, I probably couldn't resist in November hanging a deer up on the swing set to skin in full view of Nancy and the translucents.  I'm sure they'd have nightmares for a month, but again....not my problem.

Buck Out


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