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Donate to the Surf Report?
Man, I'd really appreciate it. And I'm not talking about much money either, just three measly dollars per month, something like that. Yep, it's a tiny amount, but like with those Sally Struthers fly-children, a little goes a long way.

There's no requirement, of course, access to the site is always free. However, if you enjoy yourself here, and recognize the effort put forth in bringing the ridiculousness every weekday, I hope you'll consider a monthly contribution. And if three bucks is too much, make it two, or one. At the same time... if you can afford a thousand dollars, I'll take that as well. Oh, I'll take that real good.

Through both the Amazon and PayPal programs (your choice!) I can't see who's donating and who isn't. So please don't think I'm sitting here in the bunker with a checklist, yelling "BASTARD! THE FISH-EYED BASTARD!!" I have no visibility to any of the detail, and prefer it that way. This is no Paulie Walnuts shakedown situation, my friends, it's strictly on the honor system.

I appreciate your time and consideration. -Jeff

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