Where are my damn box scores??

My friend Brad works for a newspaper in North Carolina.  His phone extension there is often mistaken for the main number of the Sports Department.  He's constantly forwarding errant calls about high school football, or Tarheel basketball, or what have you.

A couple of years ago the paper encountered some technical difficulties during the night and was unable to run the previous day's baseball box scores in their first edition.  And when Brad arrived at work the next day, he had an interesting voicemail message waiting for him.

It was so good, in fact, he never deleted it.

Brad explains:  "This has been a legendary voicemail around here and I think most everyone on the second floor has listened to it at least once. About three weeks ago we switched over to a new voicemail system and it wouldn't be able to save any old messages. A Net-savvy person recorded the voicemail on a digital recorder and made it into an mp3 file. And the legend lives on."

here it is. A Surf Report world exclusive!

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