Your Favorite Nicknames, a WVSR Baseball Game, and Goodbye for a Week

My last update before a long break, and I’m running behind…  Appropriate, huh?  But Toney was home this morning, and we ended up drinking coffee and chatting for a while.  Since I rarely see her these days, because of our ridiculous work schedules, it was nice.  And I don’t feel guilty.  So there.

This is really cool… Two Surf Reporters, who didn’t know each other beforehand (I think that’s right?), got together and attended a baseball game in Cleveland.  And they’ve provided Smoking Fish photos, here.

Looks like fun, guys.  And T-Storm… it appears you were having a REALLY good time.  Heh.  I appreciate the effort.  Those are some great shots!

Everyone, please keep your eyes open this summer for the Fish.  And always have a camera handy!  Because our logo, man, he gets around.

This morning on Facebook one of my former high school classmates sent a group email and asked if any of us remember a guy we used to call OPEC.  He earned this nickname because his hair was always greasy. Eventually I did come up with his real name, by the way.

And I’m sure we’ve covered this before, but I’d like to hear (read) the insensitive nicknames you and your friends have created over the years.

Bill and I were (if I do say so myself) masters of the hurtful nicks, and came up with many, many over the years.  Especially when we were in school.  I think we had a nickname for half the students in Dunbar…  Some were better than others, but the good ones were very good.

For instance, there was a tall and skinny black girl with thick Coke bottle glasses at our elementary school, and we called her Giant Ant.  Because she, you know, looked very much like a giant ant.  She really did. It was like something out of a 1950s sci-fi film.

And one day Bill and I were standing in line to buy lunch at the Junior High, and a breathtakingly ugly girl was leaning against something that said Fire Door – Keep Closed.  And for the rest of eternity she was known to us as “the hag on the fire door.”

Nice, huh?  Should I feel guilty that I’m still laughing?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, if you have anything on creative nicknames, tell us about it in the comments.  And they don’t necessarily have to be from your schooldays, they can be co-workers, or whatever.  We just need to know.

Also, I asked about five questions yesterday (I got carried away), so let’s keep that conversation going, as well.  Here’s your link.

I’ve got several guest columnists lined-up for next week, and have even received a few of the columns already.  Depending on how it goes, I might post the first one on Friday.  Then, because of the holiday, I’ll post the next one on Tuesday, and others after that.  So, don’t tune out completely while I’m away.  There’s gonna be lots of stuff going on.

After today I’m going into complete book-editing lockdown.  Except for Monday, when I’ll emerge for 24 hours and spend time with the family.  I’m planning to have the second draft finished before I return to work on June 6.  Wish me luck, ’cause I might need it.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see ya soon.

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