Your Favorite Burgers, and a Few Other Things

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Blues Singers in the Kitchen! project yesterday.  It’s important work we do here… and I appreciate your superior efforts.

The Surf Report is blocked at my job (99% of the internet is clamped-down), but I receive an email every time there’s a new comment.  And I was reading the names of your “singers” last night, and giggling like a fat mama’s boy who’s just been handed a tray of Cinnabon.

Stay tuned for the next room.  This is going well, I think.

Speaking of work, it’s been kicking my ass from here to there.  We’re extremely busy, as well as short-handed.  And that’s a perfect storm that leads to me waking up with lower back pain every morning.  Today I felt like that agony of defeat skier, the day after.  Sweet sainted mother of Funky Winkerbean!

But today is my Friday, and if I can make it through the night without encountering some life-changing tragedy, I’ll be free until Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow I have a full docket.  The T-Shirt Lady sent me an email this morning letting me know the M.I.A. shirts are ready for pick-up.  So, I’ll be driving to her workshop (elves work there), and picking up the last ten shirts.

Then I’m gonna buy a giant tankard of McDonald’s sweet tea, park in the shade somewhere, and put shirts into envelopes.  I will then proceed to the post office and mail every shirt still owed, along with a couple of new Evil Twin orders.  Once again, I’m sorry for the delay.  It was, as they say, beyond my control.

After the shirt task is completed, I will be heading to Scranton to have our propane tank filled.  I forgot to turn off our grill a few weeks ago, and ran every bit of gas out of the thing.  Heh.  It’s a wonder something didn’t go awry, and the rear of our house wasn’t incinerated.

Stupid grills…  Shouldn’t they have an automatic shut-off, in case they’re being used by a guy who’s been drinking Yuengling Lager all evening?  Wotta rip-off.  I think I’m going to hire a lawyer and file a boxer brief in superior court, or whatever.

Friday will be devoted to the “book,” and Saturday I hope to spend some time with the family.  I think I still remember what they look like…  I have a very good memory.

Today the mailman (Mr. Mehlman) brought me a DVD containing 768 episodes of Fibber McGee and Molly.  768!  And the thing cost me $4.74, including shipping and handling.  Pretty cool, huh?

Slowly but surely I’m building a massive old time radio archive.  Most of it’s available for free on the internet, I know, but I prefer to buy giant collections from reputable dealers.  They usually have every episode still in existence, and offer the best sound quality.  I also like having it all in one convenient place, and it’s always shockingly cheap.

Next on my want list:  Fred Allen.  Pass the beer nuts.

And speaking of stuff I really like.  Have you ever used a Pilot “Dr. Grip” pen?  Someone gave me two for Christmas (if you can dig it), and I resisted using them for a long time.  You know, because they’re ridiculously… pudgy.  But now I’m a complete convert.

Am I the only one who really loves office supplies?  I’ve always been strangely fond of notebooks and pens and stuff like that.  When I go to Target I always make a point of looking at the DVDs, the CDs, the books, and office supplies.  Right now it’s really cool, because they have all their back to school stuff out.

Is that unusual?  Somehow I suspect it is.  Oh well.

Finally, according to Zagat the best fast food burger is served by… Five Guys.  As you can probably guess, I’m not going to argue with their findings.  I’m a long-time fan of Five Guys.

Here’s the link to the full survey.  Do you have any thoughts on the results?  I think In-N-Out has terrible fries, and don’t believe they should even appear on the fries list.  And I’m happy to see Wendy’s receiving some respect.  I don’t care if their restaurants are everywhere, their burgers are fantastic.

In place of an actual Question, please let us know what you think of the survey.  Also, where did you have the best burger of your life?  Make this a restaurant, please, not a cookout at your Uncle Carl’s house in 1987.  The rest of us can’t really relate to Carl and all his mental problems.

And, of course, your comments on anything else are welcome, as always.

I’ll see you guys again on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. WB in OH says

    Sitting in my neighbo”u”rs garage watching the reds and just got caught up on today’s comments …my neighbo”u”rs think I’m crazy. You folks are too much fun.

  2. Not Oprah says

    I haveto go back and look at some time time missed but what’s become of our dear AWG? I know he could no longer surf from work, but did we lose him forever? He’s a laugh and then some. Also, anymore plans for the anniversary?

  3. Barb says

    What about Fat Burger??? How do u think they compare? I like Five Guys, but they don’t have milkshakes and Fat Burger’s are fabulous.