The Things That Are Exciting Us, etc.

Since I had little to do with it, I think it’s OK for me to go on and on about how great the website looks at this point.  Right?  I’m not responsible for any of it, so it’s acceptable to gush, I believe.

On Monday the final tweak to the footer happened, and for the first time ever… I’m happy with it.  There are always two or three things about the homepage that bug the crap out of me, but not now.  It’s close to perfect, I think.

Sure, some of the inner pages suck, like the ABOUT page, and the Surf Report gift shop.  But those are different projects for a different day.  I’ll deal with them, eventually.

Right now I’m just gonna hit refresh and watch how lightning-fast the page loads, sigh with satisfaction, and smile like a large retarded man who just won a cake raffle.

I downloaded the new Eels album this morning, and it’s gonna take a few listens…  It’s definitely not a record that grabs you by the throat on the first listen; an investment of time will be necessary.  But I’m confident I’ll eventually dig it.  I mean, it’s the Eels, right?

Here’s a review.

And Steve and I will be traveling to Philadelphia to see the “band” perform next month.  I’m excited.  They’re great live, and will rip your head clean off.  Anybody else planning to be at the show?  Maybe we can meet-up for a pre-concert adult beverage somewhere?  Let me know.

At work they installed all new vending machines.  I think the previous company lost their contract, or something, and now we’ve got some crazy-ass machines.  Oh, nothing like the ones in Japan, ours still sell normal stuff.  They’re just extra-flashy and unusual.

The soda machines have video screens that display commercials and sometimes the current temperature inside the machine itself.  The candy bar/chips machines accept credit cards(?!), and also feature a large screen where you must confirm your purchase before committing to a contract to purchase a 3 Musketeers or whatever.

I kinda like the confirmation requirement.  ‘Cause it sucks when you have your mind set on a certain candy bar, hit the wrong button, and a sack of trail mix drops — along with your heart.  So, I give the confirmation requirement a big sausage thumb-up.

I haven’t seen anyone busting out the Visa card to buy Funyuns yet, but I’ll undoubtedly do it someday.  I’m often without cash, so I can see myself taking advantage of the feature.  In fact, the only reason I ever have actual cash is because of the vending machines at work… This might be the final nudge to a completely cashless existence.

Yeah, the things are pretty crazy.  The soda machines are like something off the Jetsons.   If a person from the 1890s was transported to our break room, he’d probably cower behind a chair every time someone bought a Coke.

“Balderdash, bully, and greasy shitballs, my good fellow!!”

One thing bothers me, though.  All the candy bars are $1.00, except Milky Way.  And they’re $1.10.  Why?  What’s that all about it??  I don’t get it.  Is Milky Way a premium bar now?  Can anyone explain this to me?

It was a challenge to get this update written, on account of a cranked-up Playstation game and constant interruptions, but I hope it wasn’t too suckin’.  As for a Question… yesterday we talked about stuff that’s pissing us off.  Why not do the opposite today, and discuss the things we’re excited about?

You know, specific things.  Not abstract goop like “my wonderful family, who provide joy and inspiration every day…”  This ain’t the Hallmark Channel.  Or Facebook.  Tell us about something that’s excited you recently.

Or just talk about vending machines, whatever.

I probably won’t be able to update again until Sunday.  So, have a great weekend, my friends.

I’ll see ya next time!

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