Just Another Update About Calendars, Bee Pollen, and Purple Ears

I’m not very happy with my 2012 calendar choice.  I went with the vintage Coca-Cola ads, which is kinda cool.  But the calendar part was botched.  It’s light green ink on a white background, and is difficult to see unless you stand up and mash your face against it.  So, I can no longer check a date from a seated position.  And it’s amazing how often I do that; I didn’t even realize it, until it became impossible.

Yeah, I know… I can pull up a calendar on my computer screen, or on my phone, etc.  “What is this, 1958?” and all that stuff.  But I’m in the habit of turning my head to the right, on a regular basis, and consulting my wall calendar.  What of it?

I think I’m going to have to ditch this Coke bullshit.  My whole calendar world has been thrown into a state of crisis…  This might sound crazy to you, but this will very likely turn into a full-blown night-and-day obsession until I find an acceptable replacement.  Oh, I’ve been here before…

Are you happy with your 2012 calendar choice?  Do you put any thought into it, or just tack up whatever crap your State Farm guy sends you?  I agonize over it, every year, and totally screwed it up this time.  I should be a pro by now!  Grrr…

I’m working a lot of weird hours, so the site updates are probably going to be sporadic for a while.  I apologize, but it’s — as they say — beyond my control.  In fact, a lot of things are beyond my control at this point.  It’s triggering the good ol’ anxiety dream where I have to take some kind of super-important test in college, and haven’t been to class in weeks.  I’ve been having that dream for thirty years.

I used to dream about being able to move around by floating, just an inch or two off the ground.  But apparently that one’s been burned-out by real life.  I haven’t dream-floated in a decade.  I miss it.

So, anyway…  I’ll do my best here, but it’s a challenge.  Thursday, for instance, is almost certainly going to be another update-free day.  Sorry.  But I’m confident sanity will soon return.  No evidence of that, mind you… just confidence.

I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday:  what’s the story with half the world suddenly taking bee pollen capsules?  I’ve never heard of such a thing, until two months ago.  And now it seems like everybody’s ingesting the pollen.

What do you guys know about this?  I could do some research, but don’t need a freakin’ totem pole of medical data.  Can someone just give me a simple summary of the supposed benefits of bee pollen?  I always ask, but get contradictory answers.  I think they’re hiding something…  Can you folks help me out?

I always hear George Noory talking about herbal supplements, and it sounds interesting.  But I’m convinced they’re dangerous, and would cause my aorta to detach or turn to dust.  Is that irrational?

Last night someone told me my ears are purple.  What the??  I checked it out in the mirror, and they don’t look purple to me.  They’re just, you know, regular ear-colored.  But now I’m paranoid…  Is there some kind of blood-flow problem?  Is it a sign of impending aortal detachment?  At the very least… have I become some kind of walking, talking purple-eared freak??

I don’t care for any of it.  I think she was just messing with me.  At least I hope so.  Good god, between the calendar and this fresh weirdness… I’m a mess.

And I need to call it a day, my friends.  I’m expected to attend a meeting forty miles from here, in about an hour, so I’d better stop right here.  If you have anything to say about bee pollen, herbal supplements, anxiety dreams, purple ears, or 2012 calendars, please use the comments section below.

Have a great day!  See ya soon.

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