Have You Ever Had Any Luck With New Year’s Resolutions? Me Either

NewYearsEveYou know what sucks?  When I’m living my regular everyday life, I crave something out of the ordinary.  Like a shitload of days off, or a trip somewhere.  But when “out of the ordinary” actually happens, it’s great for a while… then I start craving my regular everyday life again.

The universe is mocking me, isn’t it?

In any case, today is the first time I’ve felt normal in a couple of weeks.  The boys are back to school, Toney is back to work, and I’m sitting here listening to Thin Lizzy, drinking coffee, and writing this update — while dreading work like the dentist’s drill.  Yes, everything is right with the world again.

Not that I’m satisfied with it, mind you.  It’s all very complicated.  Or simple.  One or the other.

On New Year’s Eve I worked until 8, grabbed a Big Mac “value” meal at McDonald’s on my home, and drank a few Yuenglings while watching the first two episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix.  I’m not sure…  Should I stick with it?  I’m already mildly bored.

I like that it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta, though.  Very cool.  Maybe it’s just because I was exhausted? Even Goodfellas probably would’ve felt a little flat to me, on Monday night.  My brain chemicals weren’t mixing well.  I should probably give it another chance.

I also worked yesterday, on New Year’s Day.  It felt like Saturday, and I was completely discombobulated.  So, it feels great to have my sea legs again.

My only New Year’s resolution is to try to be a bit more positive.  I’ve always been easily annoyed, but never pessimistic.  Over the past few years that’s changed, though.  And I don’t like it.  I need to adjust my shit.  It doesn’t do anybody any good.

What about you?  Are you using this annual reboot to try to make a fundamental change of any kind?  If you’re willing to share, please use the comments link below.

Also, have you ever had any luck with something like that?  I’ve been sucked into it in the past, and it never took.  I tried to lose weight, joined gyms, etc.  All ended in tears and a riffled ass.  What about you?  Any luck with resolutions, or big lifestyle changes, regardless of the date?  Please tell us about it.

And I’m going to work now.

Have a great day, my friends!  And thanks for sticking around for another year.

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