Fast Food: A Celebration!

People like to pretend it’s disgusting.  But we know better, don’t we? Oh sure, it might very well kill you… but what a way to go.  Fast food is something we here at the West Virginia Surf Report are not embarrassed to admit we know a thing or two about. In fact, we have special sauce coursing though our veins.

When done correctly, it’s a little slice of heaven — passed through a window by a surly woman with one gold tooth.  And that’s why we celebrate fast food, and curate it.  The naysayers will say nay, because that is their nature, but we don’t care.  Below you’ll find a wide array of articles and features documenting our fast food adventures.  Including: the world famous Ads vs. Reality.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please check back often.  This page is always expanding, in direct proportion with our asses.

Ads vs. Reality  Fast food advertising photos, compared to cold, hard reality. The original: imitated by many, but never duplicated.  Except, of course, by the people who just stole all the photos, straight up.  Bastards.  A new comparison every Friday!  Not to be missed.

Fast Food Gone Horribly Wrong  This photo was sent to us all the way from Australia, and it’s a classic.  What the hell, man? I think a few follow-up training sessions might be in order.  PLEASE NOTE: If you’re served something ridiculous at a fast food joint, please snap a photo and email it to jeff[at]  We want to see it!

A Review of My Most Recent Trip to Sonic  I’d visited their restaurants before, in other states.  But it had been many years, and the local hype was so intense… I had to check it out again.

What’s the Best Thing Currently Being Served at McDonald’s?  My choice might surprise you.

The Great McDonald’s Sweet Tea Adventure  I bought a tankard of the stuff on my way to work one day, and it went downhill from there.

I Had a Cheeseburger Suctioned to My Crotch!  Maybe I should stop trying to eat and drive at the same time?

Perfection Denied!   The day Burger King wouldn’t accept my rare gift.

Fast Food Signs Gone Horribly Wrong  Stop in and poop!

A Review of My Most Recent Visit to McDonald’s  A reader favorite, because they love to see me suffer.

Fast Food Restaurant Quickie Reviews  This is one of the very first things written for this website, and it holds up. The Five Dollar Rule is still in effect, more than ten years later.

My Current Take on the Components of Yesterday’s Lunch  A Subway sandwich deconstructed.

Waiting in Line at KFC: Philadelphia, PA

Review: Wendy’s Baconator  Another classic from the early days of the website: I felt like a teenager buying rubbers.

Review: McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich  They tried to replicate the Chick-fil-A flagship sandwich, and did a halfway decent job of it!

Review: KFC Famous Bowl  This one caused quite a stir when it was first published. Heh.  Somehow all the original comments disappeared, which is a shame, because folks were whipped into a Famous Bowl frenzy.

Review: Long John Silver’s Fish Taco  Turns out it was just a piece of LJS battered fish inside a tortilla — and it’s pretty damned good.

Review: McDonald’s McSkillet Breakfast Burrito  They call it a burrito, but it’s really a wrap. I felt a little less than manly ordering this thing, for some reason.

Review: Moe’s Southwest Grill  When one of these restaurants opened within a mile of our house, I was beside myself with happiness.  But it was a begrudging kind of happy…

Review: KFC Double Down Sandwich  A bacon and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken in place of the bread?  Sign me up!

Review: KFC Boneless Filet: Chicken with a Handle  Even I have to draw the line somewhere.

Review: McDonald’s Big Mac Snack Wrap

Review: Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco  At first I was underwhelmed, then I changed my mind. It’s a gastrointestinal investment!

Review: Taco Bell Smothered Burrito  I liked it, but I’ll never order it again.


    • don cole says

      Jeff, watch out for the wendy’s chili. Threw it up three times. They must let it set out overnight on the french fryer. After the pink slime episodes reported, wendy’s seemed the only alternative. Now, looks lie i will be on canned pea soup from now on. Goodday mate.

  1. Pete says

    It seems like Mexian food is by far the most elusive – the burger-oriented “meals” are at least recognizable.


  2. Jasmin says

    I am going to talk about promises made by advertisments with my pupils (primary school).
    Would love to use your “Ads vs. reality” pictures for that purpose. May I?

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