Drinking Beer and Running In To Parked Cars

I turned in the second draft of my book on Friday.  It was hard to let go of it, because there are still things I could do to make it better.  But, as someone I trust advised, “You’ve got to leave something for the editor to do.”

In other words, there will be many opportunities for additional tweaks and revisions.  The feedback has been positive enough so far, that I decided to just pull the trigger.  I promised it in June, so it’s getting down to the final days, anyhow.

I feel reasonably happy with it, and will now be entering the phase where I start yelling at my cell phone, “Ring, bitch!”  It’s the cycle of life.

My promise to you guys:  I’m not going to mention the book again, until I have some news.  I’m sick of talking about it, and stressing over the thing.  I’m sure you feel the same.  So, I’ll suffer in silence, and will let you know when something happens, good or bad.

I’m drinking some kind obscure German beer, made from a recipe that dates to 1036, or somesuch.  A guy I know told me it’s the best beer in the world.  My reaction to his claim:  bullshit.  It’s certainly not bad, but the best in the world?  My big riffled ass.

Earlier today we went to a Wegmans beer and food pairing event.  My favorites were Weyerbacher Hops Infusion, Yuengling Porter, some sort of crumbly and pungent cheese, and blueberry pie.  They had a lot of other stuff, too.  But those were the items I really enjoyed.

They were serving a peach beer, made by Dogfish Head.  But I didn’t like it.  It tasted like wine, and I believe it’s the only Dogfish Head product that’s disappointed me.  I’m not even sure it could be classified as a beer.  Whatever.

Yesterday I downloaded the latest albums by Jesse Malin, and Teenage Fanclub.  Both are hitting the right buttons, so far.  The Teenage Fanclub is a little subdued, but the songs are strong.  And Jesse Malin hasn’t released a bad record.  He’s one helluva great songwriter.

As promised, I removed the PayPal link for the new Evil Twin shirt this morning.  Thanks to everyone who bought one!  I’ll be placing my order with the T-Shirt Lady later today, or tomorrow morning.  And will turn your orders around ASAP.  I’ll probably have the shirts within two weeks.

Now I’m drinking a Saranac Irish Stout.  It’s OK, but not great.  I love Saranac’s Pale Ale and IPA, but I only like the Stout.  It certainly is dark, though.  Holy crap nodules.  It’s like drinking a glass of 2 a.m.

And believe it or not, this might be the first update I’ve ever written while slightly drunk…

Toney just left to pick up a whole team of kids from a movie theater.  The Secrets and some of their friends went to see Toy Story 3.  For some reason it pleases me that kids their age are still interested in that franchise.  They all grew up on the characters, but somehow it’s alright to continue liking them.  That makes me happy.

We’re going to cook burgers on the grill later, and Toney will try (in vain) to catch-up in the drinking category.  Ha!  Good luck with that one.  I am a seasoned professional.

I’ll leave you now with a Question about hitting cars, and cars having been hit…  Have you ever run into a parked car, or had your poor, innocent parked car crashed into?  Tell us about it, won’t you?

Use the comments section to tell us your stories about parked cars being bashed to pieces.  Did anyone leave a note, or anything?  We need to know.

And I’ll see you guys again on Monday.

Have a great rest o’ the weekend!

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