Please Read: I’ve Made an Important Decision About the Future of This Website

Hello Surf Reporters! Thank you for not skipping this one; it’s a very special episode, like when Blair became a heroin addict on Full House, or whatever. For the past year, maybe longer, I’ve been toying with a radical idea, and have decided to pull the trigger on it. Frankly, it scares the crap out […]

A Touch o’ the Blues, and a Couple of Things I’m Actually Enjoying

Hello Surf Reporters. I’m sorry I’ve been away so long, but I just couldn’t do it. Do you ever reach a point when you’re expending whatever emotional and physical energy you have left, simply to survive? And there’s nothing remaining in the tank for enthusiasm or laughter, or even human interaction? Yeah, me too. I […]

A Few Quick Things, vol. 4

I think I’m starting to look waxy. Do you know what I’m talking about? When some men reach a certain age, they begin to look like exhibits at a wax museum? Think Billy Crystal, or Jon Voight. Of course, I’m not nearly as old as those bastards, but I can see it all going in […]

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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jeff Kay, I was born while JFK was president, and it's all very embarrassing and corny. Today I'm a suburban husband and father, who is sometimes accused of being a bit tightly-wound. The West Virginia Surf Report! is my creative outlet, and insurance policy against completely losing my shit. I hope you'll stick around and participate in the lively community of geniuses and curmudgeons who hang out here every day. I love a full 87% of them! And while you're at it, please follow me at Twitter and Facebook.

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