A Band I Could Easily Hate, Yet Continue to Love

green-day-tour-300x360Green Day is a band I could easily hate.  They hit several of my automatic hate-triggers:

  • Massive early popularity, causing the group to be embraced by shitheads with questionable taste.
  • Lead singer who is a bit of a jackass.
  • Political blowhardiness.

But somehow they’ve successfully navigated all that, and I continue to enjoy them.  In fact, they released three(!) new albums recently, and I can’t stop playing the things.

There’s no discernible politics (if I’m missing something, don’t tell me… I don’t want to know), and all the big theatrical pretensions of the previous two albums have been stripped away.

What’s left are three records full of fun and rocking power pop. Bass, guitar, and drums… three minute songs… giant hooks… It’s right in my wheelhouse.  I recommend all three, without reservation.

superhitsAlso, if you’ve only dipped in and out of the Green Day catalog through the years, I recommend their best-of CD, called International Superhits.  It illustrates how consistent Green Day has been through the years — even as their popularity ebbed and flowed.  They’ve been pretty damn great, all along.  Regardless of how many people might be paying attention.

Plus, that best-of album sounds freakin’ fantastic while driving.  It’s an almost perfect road record.

So, there you go.  Green Day: a band I could easily hate, yet continue to love.

Buy their CDs/downloads at Amazon:

International Superhits

Read the Novel!

Paperback and Kindle

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